Professional guidance for entrepreneurs in their endeavor for funding

Once you go through the Financial Evaluation of the Journey, our Digital CFO models your capital needs based on sustainable growth and your development plans

Equity Funding

Most of the time companies don’t qualify for a loan due to either lack of assets or lack of foreseeable profit. When equity instruments are the choice, your rating and the amount you intend to raise are posted on one of the lists. The rating can be improved by visiting the knowledge resources and relaunching the Funding Journey. While you are able to get higher ratings in your category, next move should be the investor’s. One or couple of them will put your company on their watch list and decide to connect with you when they are ready to invest. You would be able to ask for our assistance or just go ahead with presentations, discussions, negotiations.


Entrepreneurs often need an accessible source of additional capital, ideally without giving away control of the company. Lending should cover working capital needs, ensuring an efficient run especially during growth phase.
Companies working with us may benefit of automated overdrafts, easy access to credit lines and other short-term facilities. Investment loans are always available with banks, though they require an important initial contribution and solid financial figures.


Both in equity and lending, funds may be invested by syndication. A lead manager is chosen and other players may subscribe on the list. This option is offered with the support of other specialized players in the market, for higher amounts.


Blockchain tokenization could change everything from investing to purchases. Securities tokens, a subgroup within asset tokens, is the most likely candidate for adoption in the near future and we are here to get you ready.

Evaluation Journey is the core tool of the platform,
connecting entrepreneurs to funding

Funding is just around the corner. You can take any step suitable for your business at certain moment in time. Any part of The Journey pursued, is an important step forward.

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