Accelerate your digitization

The Business Apps unify all your processes, your data, and your back-end integrations. They’re the fast, flexible way to expand your capabilities. On our marketplace, anyone can develop Apps to enable knowledge transfer and accelerate funding access.

Free Trial

Human Finance offers a free month of service for new customers that select a paid business app. Simply sign up for your trial offer and instantly access the entire Business App Store.

No Setup

Once you are logged in and select any of the Business Apps, all your company information is automated loaded into the new service. All you need is a unique key provided automatically at registration.


Human Finance makes sure that developers focus on items like functionality, agility and above all, security. Industry highest standards are used end to end.

Optimized Data

Data optimization is an important aspect in database management in particular and in data warehouse management in general. Human Finance built a flexible infrastructure that let's you focus on your business growth, not data.

Quick Access

All your selected business apps under one sign-in, all your business information under one dashboard.

Dedicated Support

When life goes tough, you find answers with the Dedicated Support that is ready to help you with any tech-related issues of the selected business apps.

Open platform
built on open standards

On our marketplace, anyone can develop Business Apps to enable knowledge transfer and accelerate funding access.