Our Desire

With diverse expertise, our team has put together extensive knowledge achieved over the last 25 years. The glue that keeps us together under Human Finance umbrella is the desire to support the new generation, building their modern community and ultimately their new society.

A New Environment

In the past, we all considered finance the attribute of banks and other large institutions. Sharing economy changes financing ecosystem for good, creating the network effect of bringing together market participants. This means that more customers attract a greater number of merchants and partners, and vice versa. Second, the concurrence of technologies such as cloud, automation, analytics or artificial intelligence, is creating a new “as-a-service” financial services environment, where services are dynamic, on-demand and targeted, with a huge impact on cost to serve, investment levels and speed to market.

Working with us


With on-demand integrated business processes, software tools and infrastructure, small companies can benefit from plug-in, modular, scalable services.


Each and every investor regardless of the size is welcome on the Human Finance platform, as well. We offer on-line experience, where open and shared data can be mined intelligently, to create new forms of value.


Human Finance is an open platform built on open standards. On our marketplace, anyone can develop or integrate applications to enable knowledge transfer and accelerate funding access.

Meet The Team

Andrei Dudoiu


Ionuț Pătrăhău


Daniel Mateescu


Iulian Pădurariu